Why it’s worth it?

15 sqm. of profit!

It's simple! Containers of Taste are an opportunity for your own, diversified gastronomy. On 15 sqm. we can create any form of food business. From a cozy cafeteria with an intriguing food yard, through a stylish burger bar, best kebab in the city or even a restaurant! Facilities of our containers include full sanitary unit, electrical installation and heating, while their potential equipment do not limit you to serving pre-cooked dishes, but allow to prepare food on the spot, appreciably improving exclusivity of the place.

Under the trademark of Containers of Taste we support every gastronomic concept. A café, confectionery, fast food, slow food or even a bakery. We share our knowledge, experience, passion and commitment. All you need to work with us is the desire to do it. We can work out the rest together!


What we offer?

  • Working under the trademark of Containers of Taste (+ full know-how)
  • Advice on choosing a convenient location
  • Support with the internal arrangement
  • Help with technical projects and acceptance of sanitary inspection
  • Preparation of advertising campaign related to the restaurant opening
  • Supporting promotion activities organized by franchisees on local markets
  • System of introductory training courses

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